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Prefabricated steel stairs are not only less expensive than the concrete ones, they also save a lot of labor expenses and resources. They are fabricated offsite and brought to the site on time for assembling. As a comprehensive BIM service provider, we provide a full range of steel detailing and drafting services for structural stairs, landings, balustrades, hand rails, posts, guardrails, stringers, headers and bracing. Our steel detailing team is well versed in all the international detailing codes such as AISC, NISD, RCSC, OSHA, BS, AS, CISD etc.

Steel staircase modeling

Our expert detailers create unique shop drawings for all components of a stair assembly by interpreting the architectural and engineering drawings. The details in our shop drawing are used by stair fabricators and contain specifications of all the components to be fabricated. They will in adherence to the construction documents and in conformance to your custom standards & practices. Our clients include stair fabricators, structural contractors and general contractors from North America, Europe as well as Australia. This has given our detailing team a rich and diverse experience in different types of systems and practices.

Staircase 3d model drawing

We Cover all Stair Elements:

  • Steps (tread, riser & nosing)
  • Landings
  • Starting step (Bullnose)
  • Stringer
  • Winders
  • Trim
  • Bannister (handrail & guardrail)
  • Volute
  • Balustrades
  • Newel

We generate the stair shop drawings from the Tekla 3D model and typically include material specs, component dimensions, & details for welding and bolting. Our expertise in leading steel detailing software platforms such as Tekla, ensure that 3D Stair models we create are not only accurate but entirely congruent with the intended. This eliminates a lot of rework, reduces RFIs.

Steel stair modeling
Staircase detailing drawing

We also offer Advance Bill of Materials (ABM) for prefabricated steel stairs, which is nothing but a broad list of components, connecting elements & sub-assemblies of the stair assembly. This list is extremely important for their on-time procurement.

Our Services for Prefabricated Steel Stairs:

As a renowned precast detailing service provider, we cater to the precast detailing needs of the AEC industry with close attention to detail. The range of precast detailing service we provide include:

  • Stair shop & erection drawings
  • Stair construction Documents
  • Handrail, guardrail & balustrade detailing
  • Stair BIM modeling
  • Advance Bill of Materials (ABM)
  • DSTV, KSS, CNC Files for automated fabrication
Stair case modeling
Stair case drawing

Our detailing services are comprehensive and accurate enabling better coordination, reduce the number of RFIs, eliminate redundant documentation and shorten delivery schedules. Stair assembly drawings created by us are used by erectors responsible for its erection at worksite. Erection drawings typically include the exact location & fixing details of each stair component. The precision of our erection drawings plays a big role in the on-time fabrication & hence project delivery.