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structural steel detailing sample

Structural Steel Detailing

Steel Shop Drawing Sample

Steel Shop Drawings

miscellaneous steel detailing sample

Miscellaneous Steel Detailing

erection drawing

Steel Erection Drawings

The Advenser team, specializing in structural, industrial, architectural, and miscellaneous steel detailing, stands out as a leading BIM service provider. Our steel detailing services are distinguished by their accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and promptness. Our experts possess exceptional mastery of steel detailing software applications such as Tekla, Advance Steel, or AutoCAD, along with excellent trade knowledge based on years of experience. We are trained to work closely with clients’ representatives, develop a comprehensive understanding of all project aspects, and pay careful attention to all details, no matter how small.

Our team is well-versed in all international steel detailing codes, such as AISD, NISD, OSHA, BS, & AS, and has worked on a wide range of projects, including commercial and retail buildings, high-rise residential apartments, industrial structures, parking garages, warehouses, hospitals, and educational institutions.

Structural steel detailing with shop drawing